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Dean’s List at Cecil College for Spring 2023

NORTH EAST, Md. – Cecil College is proud to announce the names of students whose high academic performance has qualified them for recognition as members of the Dean’s List for the recently completed Spring 2023 semester. 

The Dean’s List includes 148 students who achieved a grade-point average of 3.50 – 3.74 out of a possible 4.00. To be eligible for these honors, full-time students must have completed 12 or more attempted hours. Part-time students are eligible after accumulating 15 credit hours or more with a semester GPA of 3.50 – 3.74 for that semester. This award excludes any grade received for developmental coursework.

Cecil College is centrally located in Maryland’s most northeastern county with campuses in North East and Elkton. The College features a diverse student population, with approximately 2,200 credit students and 2,300 non-credit students. Cecil offers associate degrees, certificate programs, and non-credit classes.

Included on the list are the following students:


Mia Brown-Green Aberdeen, Md.

Megan Pike Aberdeen, Md.

Robert Taylor Aberdeen, Md.

Marlayna Haug Abingdon, Md.

Khara Truelove Abingdon, Md.

Saahil Singh Bel Air, Md.

Chelsea Henderson Charlestown, Md.

Benjamin Leader Chesapeake City, Md.

Emma Long Chesapeake City, Md.

Ben Bagrowski Colora, Md.

Christian Dolan Colora, Md.

Emma Foard Colora, Md.

Emma McCulloch Colora, Md.

Devyn McMahan Colora, Md.

Nicholas Van Bergen Colora, Md.

Ashley Boyd Conowingo, Md.

Samuel Nichols Conowingo, Md.

Daemiah Allen Elkton, Md.

Zachary Ayers Elkton, Md.

Benjamin Barrett Elkton, Md.

Hasan Bayram Elkton, Md.

Kenneth Beresh Elkton, Md.

Renee Berry Elkton, Md.

Annaliese Bilsak Elkton, Md.

Kira Bitler Elkton, Md.

Tyair Burks Elkton, Md.

Hannah Cole Elkton, Md.

Richard Davies Elkton, Md.

Alexis Detamore Elkton, Md.

Matthew Egypt Elkton, Md.

Trevor Eilers Elkton, Md.

Collin Epperson Elkton, Md.

Stefani Fitzgerald Elkton, Md.

Shelley Granger Elkton, Md.

Alexis Grant Elkton, Md.

Anna Guzman Elkton, Md.

Tanner Hailey Elkton, Md.

Luke Hammer Elkton, Md.

Amanda Haraldsson Elkton, Md.

Makhi Harkins Elkton, Md.

Tre’ Von Harrington-Headen Elkton, Md.

Destini Jobe Elkton, Md.

Catherine Johnson Elkton, Md.

Jena Jones Elkton, Md.

Samantha Jones Elkton, Md.

Fallon Katz Elkton, Md.

Ethan Lambeth Elkton, Md.

Matthew Lively Elkton, Md.

Anne Lea Makam Elkton, Md.

Zachery Meehan Elkton, Md.

Jayci Mitchell Elkton, Md.

Brandi Moir Elkton, Md.

Lizzie Mull Elkton, Md.

Tromarri Neal Elkton, Md.

Liz Ortiz Castaneda Elkton, Md.

Allison Pierce Elkton, Md.

Aidan Pressler Elkton, Md.

Amanda Rea Elkton, Md.

Morgan Reynolds Elkton, Md.

Heath Rodriguez Elkton, Md.

Sarah Rodriquez Elkton, Md.

Cameron Rogers Elkton, Md.

Micaela Rogers Elkton, Md.

Zane Romberger Elkton, Md.

Aubrey Runyons Elkton, Md.

Trinitey Sanders Elkton, Md.

Daniel Santucci Elkton, Md.

Julia Shafransky Elkton, Md.

Nicholas Sheets Elkton, Md.

Sandali Siriwardana Elkton, Md.

Michael Stine Elkton, Md.

Elijah Strickland Elkton, Md.

Lea Termine Elkton, Md.

Dakata Toney Elkton, Md.

Lisa Vazquez Elkton, Md.

Melinda Ward Elkton, Md.

Lacey Wilson Elkton, Md.

Dolrica Wright Elkton, Md.

Theresa Yandell Elkton, Md.

Jessica Young Elkton, Md.

Jordan Tiller Havre De Grace, Md.

Jake Highfield Lincoln University, Pa.

Kaia Patterson Lincoln University, Pa.

Logan Puckett Lincoln University, Pa.

Patrick McNeilly Middletown, De.

Kyle Stively New Providence, Pa.

Lamont Washington Newark, De.

Monica Aponte North East, Md.

Brynn Barton North East, Md.

Bhavanpreet Bhonsia North East, Md.

Sarah Billingham North East, Md.

Christen Denney North East, Md.

Shelby Donaldson North East, Md.

Megan Dvorak North East, Md.

Sophia Faison North East, Md.

Devin Fernandez North East, Md.

Katherine France North East, Md.

Ziad Hittini North East, Md.

Boden Howell North East, Md.

Ashleigh Kazor North East, Md.

Michael Knorr North East, Md.

Rebecca Kossek North East, Md.

Hannah Liddick North East, Md.

Cami Lyons North East, Md.

Samantha McCarthy North East, Md.

Kaylee Morales North East, Md.

Nicolas Nuzzo North East, Md.

Minal Patel North East, Md.

Sarah Peterson North East, Md.

Sarah Reilly North East, Md.

Breahna Riess North East, Md.

Saleemah Whack North East, Md.

Teagen Ford Nottingham, Pa.

Ryan Onick Nottingham, Pa.

Emily Krivanich Oxford, Pa.

August Testa Oxford, Pa.

Dawn Culver Perryville, Md.

Harlie Dipietro Perryville, Md.

Rebecca Mason Perryville, Md.

Quran Moamin Perryville, Md.

Quintin Robinson Perryville, Md.

Eva Cook Port Deposit, Md.

Kylen Cooper Port Deposit, Md.

Kameil Gaskill Port Deposit, Md.

Andrew Gray Port Deposit, Md.

Hannah Janney Port Deposit, Md.

Glenn McCurry Port Deposit, Md.

Amaya Murray Port Deposit, Md.

Jessica Schisler Port Deposit, Md.

Mikayla Sorrells Port Deposit, Md.

Angela Washington Port Deposit, Md.

Kara Lane Quarryville, Pa.

Alyssa Barr Rising Sun, Md.

Connor Finnan Rising Sun, Md.

Aidan Hayes Rising Sun, Md.

Nate Hornberger Rising Sun, Md.

Hailey Hovatter Rising Sun, Md.

Rebecca Jamison Rising Sun, Md.

Ashley Jenkins Rising Sun, Md.

Rebecca Kross Rising Sun, Md.

Alexis Lassiter Rising Sun, Md.

Connor McClintick Rising Sun, Md.

Kelsey Roland Rising Sun, Md.

Kevin Schuman Rising Sun, Md.

Nathan Sexton Rising Sun, Md.

Brandon Stever Rising Sun, Md.

Ryan Spicer Townsend, De.Luke Wilson West Grove, Pa.

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